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Hello Everyone

Due to the unbelievable positive response I have had towards my up coming Silent Hill film project, I’m seriously taken back by how the fans have reacted, very humbling, I thought I should take the time out to answer any questions that may have cropped up in people’s minds as to what it’s all about. So hopefully any queries you have will be answered here.

So firstly, who am I? I am Gareth Morgan and I have been working as a professional film maker for the past three years. I employ a unique style to the films I make, which I make purely on green screen. I have had no financial assistance in any of my work but I continue to create it regardless. I have several short films under my belt, one of which, entitled EPiSODE, premièred at Raindance 2012 (EPiSODE took heavy influence from Silent Hill as well as Deadly Premonition and Resident Evil and I am currently at the end of post production of turning EPiSODE into my first feature film)

Why Silent Hill? I am a massive gamer and Silent Hill has always been the pinnacle for me in terms of Survival Horror, (mainly the first 4 games, but that’s not to say that the others don’t hold some merits.) And due to their highly cinematic style I have always fallen back to them when I am researching Asian Horror aesthetics for whatever project I am working on. So I thought it was high time to turn my talents to making a Silent Hill film. But I didn’t want to just turn one of the games into a film as I don’t see the need, the games themselves are already films, if you know what I mean. Instead I wanted to make something fresh but that stills fits to the canon of the games universe and story structure. I want to make a film for fans by a fan.

What is Silent Hill Requiem? Basically the further adventures of Heather and other returning Silent Hill favourites. Without giving too much away, Silent Hill has been host to the Otherworld for such a long time that the gateway between the two dimensions is now permanently open and the horrors are spreading far wider than just Silent Hill and its neighbouring towns. So an unknown force has brought back all those that have survived Silent Hill to help close the gateway forever, but of course that wont be an easy task.

Is Requiem a short or a movie? Initially it is a short, between 3-5 mins, I will be releasing this first as a proof of concept, starring Heather and set on the subway car first seen in SH3. This short will show how I will intend to make a full film, and how my art style will work with it. If that short is received well, and judging by the response to the recently released stills I am hopeful that it will be, I will then run a Kickstarter Campaign to raise a few thousand dollars to make it into a full film. I need this funding as a feature film is far more in depth a process than making a short, I also want to get better props and costumes for the Otherworld Monsters through using practical effects that I will enhance with graphics.

When will it be released? As the saying goes, it will be ready when its ready. I don’t want to rush any aspect of the short version as I want it to be my best work to date. I will keep updating my many social media pages of all news as I have it and the many Silent Hill pages out there are helping me with that too, so big ups to Silent Hill Heaven, Silent Haven, Silent Hill Historical Society, Silent Hill Paradise, Silent Nerd and to any others I have missed.

I hope I can make the film that you have all been waiting for and I hope this little blog posts clears up any questions you may have had.

Here are the recent stills for anyone that may have missed them =)

Heather 1

Heather 2

Heather 3





  1. Jonathan Kienzle says:

    You may very well be my hero. Keep up the phenomenal work friend!

  2. mikel says:

    I cant wait to see the trailer!!!… \m/….

  3. Hines Musingo says:

    It looks like you’ve planned it out well. I can’t wait to see the trailer and the short! And if all goes well, I’d really be looking forward to see the film!!

  4. […] hope to see some more work on it soon. Silent Hill: The Requiem looks promising, so check it out here! If you like it, be sure to show your […]

  5. Sonia says:

    One of my friends, Steve Brown, is in this. Good luck to everyone involved. Can’t wait to see it !

  6. logan says:

    looks amazing is it a project you need funding backers for like on kickstart etc ?

  7. logan says:

    Also when will you start a kickstarter campaign ? as really want to contribute 🙂

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